Monday, 28 November 2016

Mariah's brother Morgan slams his sister for being 'greedy' following split from James Packer

They say blood runs thicker than water.  But in Mariah Carey's case, her brother Morgan, 51, has apparently set out to slam her regarding her recent split with casino mogul James Packer, 49.

According to Woman's Day, Morgan said that Mariah, 46, is a 'vampire' and would 'have bled him dry'. He reportedly told the publication: 'Despite having millions of her own, she would have gone through his money.'

Morgan apparently added that James had 'dodged a bullet' and that there was no way that his sister was truly in love with him.

'It's impossible as Mariah only loves Mariah.'

It appears that he later went on to slam her further by adding that if he had the opportunity to speak to James he would tell him that Mariah has no family values.

'If I were you I'd look for someone with good family values...Things my sister does not possess,' he further added.

Mariah recently appeared on Ellen and spoke out regarding the split.

Asked how she's feeling 'mentally' and whether she's 'happy,' Mariah responded, 'I think I’m doing well.'

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