Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Magasco has made ‘Wule Bang Bang’, ‘VIP’ and 'Belinda' hit songs but will he find global success?

When Magasco joined one of the most promising recording companies in the country, Empire, I wonder if he knew that his star would become one of the brightest in the country, in such a short time. Interestingly and arguably the most defining song of the singer’s career, 'Wule Bang Bang' was born from his marriage with Empire.

The sexualisation and objectification of the girl's derriere at the beginning of the 'Wule Bang Bang' video can be forgiven because of the goofy dance, propulsive drum-based beat, simple singalong chorus and killer hook—all wrapped in Magasco's mild Bamenda accent.

The new song ‘Belinda’once again has the singer as male protagonist and a female lead. Magasco's 'Belinda' exhibits body parts in almost all scenes in the video. This however is over powered by Magasco's incredible voice and beats.

It is clear that Magasco is one of the few Cameroonian artists who have finally found their 'sound' is this fast growing music industry. I can't help but wonder if his new found fame around the country will lead to global success?

AFRIMMA which took place in the city of Dallas, USA on Sunday, October 15th, 2016, was Magasco's first time to be part of an international awards show, a chance for him to connect with other artists from Africa making waves around the globe, as he was nominated in the Best Male Central Africa category. Unfortunately the singer did not turn up for the Artists Mixer organised by AFRIMMA a day before the actual awards show. He came late for the awards show which explains his absence from the very important red carpet photos. The singer however found time to gallivant from one strip night club to another in Dallas.

At AFRIMMA, Nigerian comedian Basketmouth, who hosted the event came on stage to lament the fact that 60 different artistes were flown in from Africa to grace the awards but that most of them were either ‘lounging’ at their hotels or felt it demeaning to arrive early to the event. He pointed out that 2face remains an example to others as he arrived at the venue long before the event started while much younger and newer acts felt too big to come out.

Magasco was also nominated under the Best Francophone category at the 2016 MTV Africa Music Awards which was held on the October 22, 2016 but never showed up. 

Magasco is undoubtedly one of Cameroonian music’s biggest young talent at the moment, which means his every move is under scrutiny. However, achieving global status entails discipline and showing up for events on time and be ready to mingle. If he wants to join the bandwagon of Cameroonian artist who's music has never been played outside of Buea or outside of Cameroon, then good for him. The greatest artists of all times all took events created to celebrate them seriously and remain in demand even when they do not have hits on rotation.

Stanley Enow maybe without talent as some Cameroonians are quick to point out, but his management understands the music business and the importance of international events. Empire needs to learn a serious lesson from MotherLand so as to propel Magasco to fulfill his enormous potential! 


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