Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Gay man shares loved up photos in bed with his boo

This viral photo has tongues wagging after he shared the photos on Facebook and wrote: 
"Had a good day with bae yesterday…… spend the whole day together….. really enjoyed it…. bae told me to put the pic back up……lol"
Homosexuality is still a very sensitive topic in the black community.


  1. Why don't you post when a guy shares a picture with his girl. Stop discriminating. In this age this year l, this generation you should be very ashamed. Anyways I get it all u care is for people to view your blog.

    1. Don't be stupid. Normal happenings (such as boy/girl relationships) do not make any news. This is abnormal given the fact that the audience to this group are mostly African.

  2. kill them and make sure they burn well before put away in the sea... the isn't any explanation on same sex couples.. nothing just death... think well if ur father was gay will you be here today..? biblicaly it doesn't has to exist .. culturally it doesn't exist.. so stop ur wrong explanations on it siences...and so and so... just short up and look for a means to kill yourself... R I P