Friday, 4 November 2016

Fresh Off The Runway Set To Take Over The Manchester Fashion Scene

Fresh Off The Runway is unique, special and different. Our Urban invasion fashion event comes with a message:
  • Celebrate individuality and uniqueness
  • Be confident with the way you look 
  • Follow your own style
Fashion is urban, Fashion in Manchester is modern, our city and industry should not be left behind. Get behind the movement #biggerbetterManchester!

Fresh Off The Runway is a non-profit social initiative that promotes arts, culture and heritage that represents Manchester and the fashion and textiles industry in the best way.

Our Long term goal is to provide a sustainable fashion and creative industry in Manchester that showcases its’ multi-cultural heritage as well as the city’s roots in the fashion and textile manufacture industry.

We promote fashion education as well as interaction between, brands, designers, creatives and the general public through fashion events that are held in key locations in Manchester that have relevance and historical meaning to the city or places that have now become landmarks of the city. Places such as Gorton Monastery, Manchester Town Hall, Manchester Central (formerly known as GMex) or Manchester Cathedral to name a few.

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