Sunday, 6 November 2016

Four Africans arrested in Sharjah, UAE for online fraud and possession of fake currency (photo)

According to Khaleej Times, the Sharjah Police have arrested four Africans, including a woman, for a series of online fraud and swindling crimes. The suspects allegedly offered goods online to attract victims and duped them.

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) said an Arab man complained that an African offered to sell him a large quantity of the best quality coffee seeds at a cheap price.
The complainant said he met the suspect at a mall and agreed to buy the seeds and paid a part of the amount as advance. The complainant asked the suspect to give him receipt for the payment. The suspect told the victim to accompany him to his office in a neighbouring emirate, but when they reached, he told him the office was closed and would give the receipt next day.

Then the complainant asked the suspect to return his money and the latter gave him an envelope with some money. The complainant later discovered that the envelope contained fake currency.

The police formed a team to find the suspect and arrest him.

During investigation, the team found out that there are four African people promoting different kinds of goods online. The officers came to know that one of the four was the suspect who cheated the victim.

The police located the suspects in an area in Sharjah and raided their apartment, from where a large amount of stolen cash and fake currency was recovered.

During the interrogation, the suspects confessed that they promoted goods online to make fake deals. They also used the fake currency for making money doubling deals.

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