Tuesday, 29 November 2016

"F**k the police and whoever gave the order!" - Salatiel on Military brutality in Buea

In light of Cameroon police and military brutality on university students in Buea, Cameroon music producer and singer, Salatiel took to Facebook this morning to address the issue... 
"So this means we have no right to express our grievances in Cameroon?They don't wait for us on the street anymore, they break our homes to assault & destroy us? Our Children, women, students and old people? THEY CURSED!F**k the police and whoever gave the order!Justice is coming for you.COWARDS! OFFICIAL TERRORISM!ONE LOVE TO ALL VICTIMS OF THE POLICE ASSAULTS IN BUEA," he wrote. 
Minority English-speaking Cameroonians are reeling from violent clashes between police and protesters in Buea. Most Cameroonians especially in the Diaspora took to social media to call on the Cameroon government to stop the brutality. 

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