Friday, 18 November 2016

Cameroonian artist Blaise B insults fan for suggesting he is a homosexual

For celebrities, social is a double-edged sword. On the one hand the service allows famous folk to continue being famous by pushing their famousness more thoroughly onto the people who consider them to be famous. 

On the other, the close proximity social media grants the famous and the fans can sometimes backfire. If a celeb does something that's considered taboo, dumb, or ridiculous, they can all but expect to be send a barrage of criticism by any social media users. Lately, however, some celebs have gotten fed up to the point where they've been firing back at their haters.

Earlier this week Blaise B's fan suggested his signature hairstyle makes him look gay, the unhappy singer quickly put the fan on blast and called him an 'Idiot'.
Did the fan deserve it or Blaise B overreacted?


  1. He overracted abeg. But you cant blame their small heads. He should have made a joke out of it. Between that hair no fit him
    Its ugly .

  2. He deserves it aniway. An artist with braid shouldn't be regarded upon as a homosexual.

  3. That even isn't an insult. That was a question. It's not a story.

  4. So because he is an artist he doesn't have feelings? He was insulted n has d right to catch emotions... For u who says his braids don't fit him forget it, U only need one face to face encounter to change ur mind. Keep rocking d skies handsome