Friday, 4 November 2016

Cameroonian actress Syndy Emade Becomes SOLEZA Brand Ambassador

Cameroon actress Syndy Emade has been announced as the face of "SOLEZA" shower gel. The happy actress took to Facebook today to share the exciting news with her friends and fans by posting the following...

Hopefully this deal can open new doors for other Cameroonian actresses who are currently being underpaid and treated badlyn. 


  1. At least her pussy can now rest now that she is making legit money

    1. you get wish craft.. make thunder fire you. Jealousy go kill woma. when dem dress naked, wuna condem, dem get oportunity, wuna condem...u poor lazy fool

  2. Aha...dat nyongo money don start enta.
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  3. Waoh! I'm proud of you namie, when God is involved people can only complain of the rays of light that your star brings into their eyes... Unstoppable!