Friday, 25 November 2016

Cameroon government announces asphalting of almost 1000 Km of roads in 2017

The Cameroonian Prime Minister, Philémon Yang, revealed on 22 November 2016 before parliamentarians, the government’s ambitions in the area of road infrastructure construction during the year 2017. Presenting the economic, social and cultural programme of his government for next year to elected representatives, Philémon Yang, announced a programme of asphalting almost 1000 Km of roads.
In detail, we learn, the government will proceed, within the framework of its budget of public investment (BIP), supported by funding from external partners, to pave a stretch of 250 Km of new road, the PM highlighted. To this, additional 677 Km of road will be asphalted under the three-year Emergency Plan, stated Philémon Yang.

This announcement by the PM reveals that the Cameroonian government will fulfill its promise once again in 2017 to asphalt an average of 300 Km of road each year, but also that the public authorities are nearing their aim of having a paved road network of 8500 Km by 2020, against a little more than 6000 Km presently.

However, this remains insufficient in the country. Because, 8500 Km of tarmac roads only corresponds to 17% of the national road network. The reason for the delay in road construction, several experts maintain, is the high cost of asphalting in the country, which is double the average price in Africa. A trend which the government wishes to reverse, by setting up units of production entrants, such as crushing plants.

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  1. I tell you...Make them fix N.W.roads too...

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