Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Bamenda People Take Action #NoToMarginalization (Videos)

Yesterday was a chaotic day in Cameroon's chief opposition city, Bamenda. Thousands of Bamenda people took to the streets to show their solidarity with Anglophone teachers and Common Law lawyers who are currently demanding the following from the government according to Ashu Nyenty.

“Creation of a separate Chamber for Common Law (at) the supreme court of the country. Since independence in 1960, that court has had only French-speaking chief justices even though the country is bilingual. They are also asking for the creation of a separate section for common law in the national institution that trains magistrates and judges in the country. The curricula of that school are essentially modeled in the French civil law system and so the lawyers see that as a problem.”
The strike which was highly publicized on social media as a "sit-home" and peaceful strike, in some areas of Bamenda ended up being hijacked by vandals who started blocking roads and burning tyres.

Nearly all schools in the English speaking apart of Cameroon were closed except for dormitory schools, and some other schools in Limbe where classes are effectively going on. Teachers Union fore warned parents not to send their kids to school.

A Pidgin English Newscaster known as Mancho Bibixy of a Bamenda local base Radio Station, Abakwa FM captured the attention of everyone as he stormed the City Chemist Round-about with a coffin declaring he is ready to die. The anchor cum activist denounced the low state of development in the City, accusing the Government Delegate to the Bamenda City Council, Vincent Ndumu of not working for the benefit of the population.

"Ndumu Must Go," read a banner, as protesters chanted while carrying Mancho's coffin around Bamenda town. 

In a desperate move to put the situation under control, the Cameroon government deployed law enforcement officers to the strike areas. In a footage obtained by a Kinnaka's blog correspondent a law enforcement officer can be seen firing shots into the air. According to rumours on social media a young man unfortunately lost his life yesterday, in a confrontation with the law enforcement authorities. Kinnaka's Blog however cannot independently confirm or validate the rumour. Watch videos of the strike below....

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