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All you need to know about Cameroonian comedian O'boy

Stand-up Comedian and Senior Youth and Action Counsellor by profession, Ferdinand FORKA (O'boy) has been performing for about a decade (9 years) now but his big debuts began in 2007 upon his entry into the University of Yaoundé 1 when he joined the PRIMS GRASSFIELD ENTERTAINMENT Theatre Band. There, he acquired lots of stage occupation skills, dictions and other knowledge in performing art. Since then, has had the opportunity to perform in almost all the Social events (especially Anglophones) organized within and out of Yaoundé. Examples are: Arabian Night Entertainment, Models Night, the OUR HOME PRODUCTION Concerts, WEEK'End D'Art, just to name this few.

Passionate of Standup Comedy and zealous to create a platform for Anglophone comedians, he created with NJUME Felix (Mp3) the FUNNY DOCTORS in 2010, a group of stand-up comedians which has today over 7seven Stand-up Comedians. With the group, they have done three editions of the 32Comdey Nite Stand (Comedy Show) 
On November 30, 2013, O'boy in collaboration with the Catholic University Center (CCU) Yaoundé organized "Saints of the Ribs", a FERDINAND Forka (O'boy) Concept that was aimed to raise funds to assist orphanages and in the Construction of the New CCU Parish . Featuring on stage with O'boy during this event were some members of the, funny doctors, other comedians and some Gospel Music artists.     
Upon his entry into the NIYS Yaoundé since 2011, he has been a member of the NIYS Theatre Band, where he appeared in a number of theatre plays and performing Stand-up comedy as well. Though an Anglophone, O'boy is unique in his capacity to fluently perform in the English and in the French Languages, but he identifies himself principally as an Anglophone Comedian.
O'boy has equally featured in some Short Comedy Movies. A recent example is the "Laugh Out" project Produced by Ayi Chatou Inoua where in one of the Skits, he features with Mustik Karismatik, the Award winner for the CANAL D'OR 2014 Humourist of the year.
On the 12 Of December 2014, he launched the first Audio-visual Comedy concept called "O'boy Comedy Show" . Even faced with the challenges of organising events of such magnitude, we have managed to organise three editions of the “Oboy Comedy Show” (December 12, 2014, December 6, 2015 and recently, June 8, 2016)
O'boy anchors events ranging from weddings, award ceremonies, birthday parties, movie premieres, music and movie launchings, just to name a few where he does his stand-up and sometimes he is called to be Master of Ceremony 
Oboy after the Regional Qualifications was selected best Stand-up Comedian and he will be representing the center region at the National Festival of Arts and Culture (FENAC) in the month of November


Oboy Comedy Show is a platform for the promotion and showcase of talents in comedy and is opened to any young Cameroonian who have the talent to entertain the audience through humour. It is also open to  those who are willing to learn this art. It is a concept that is conceived with the leitmotif that Comedy (laughter)  has a psycho-social and therapeutic  importance in the health of the consumer. Also, we see the concept as an economic potential, given that it creates job opportunities. From the money paid by spectators, comedians are paid and taxes are paid as well, thereby adding to the income of the country.
Cameramen, light or sound  technicians and other expertise employed for the event are paid. For instance, in the December 12, 2014 edition, tickets were sold: 5000FCFA for VIP, 5000FCFA for couples and 2000FCFA regular ticket price. At the end of the Show all participants are remunerated. Featuring on the stage with O'boy were 12 Comedians with 5 coming from the ''funny doctors'' group, 1 from Douala (Aloga), and the rest from Yaoundé. Guest music artists like Richard Kings, Bad Rock, Mel Nova, Dog Star and some other artists ensured the musical interludes of the event. The O'boy Comedy Show is that platform that does not just promote Comedians. Musicians, fashion designers,  and drama is promoted as well.
The first edition took place in Fresh Planet Snack-Bar Restaurant Party Hall with a capacity of over 350 seats. About 300 people from in and out of Yaoundé  attained the show. A contract was signed with AFRICA RYTHM ENTERTAINMENT SUDIO (ATE) for the audio-visual coverage of the event. To this effect, three (3) Professional Cameras were used.
The DVDs once out are a source of income to the O'boy Comedy Show Concept. The sales the DVDs and the sale of video to television channels according to our vision, is one of our strategies to promote artists who participate in the event and boost their visibility. So far, no particular TV Partnership or any major sponsorship has been signed. For this project, we envisage to approach some mainstream television houses like the Cameroon Radio and Television (CRTV), Canal 2 International, Stv etc.  The partnership will give the Concept and the Comedians a national as well as an international visibility.
Funds for the organisation of the passed editions are often gotten through appeal letters, borrowing and from our team members contribution. Everything was put together to ensure that an event worth a national and international consumption market is organized. To this effect, is attached to this project file, a summary video of the passed editions of the  O'boy Comedy Show for a better understanding of the concept.

The passed editions have succeeded to created a ready and steady fan base. They have been requesting for more events. This is thanks to the material and financial sacrifices the members of team behind the concept. As a strategy to build and attract consumers, emphases in the last 3 editions were put on the attractiveness and quality of the event. As such, the economic impact we intend to create has not been realised due to a number of reasons:
· Very limited Financial Resources
· Absence of Partnership
· No promoters ( media)


“Oboy Comedy Show Reloaded”
(Our Vision)
In a world of multi-diversity of cultures manifested in ingenuity and talents especially in the young, there is an ardent need to create an enabling environment for emergence. The Oboy Comedy Show could be that platform.
The arts and musical sector is another area where we can give life and more meaning to our society and promote our culture. This is our vision.
The November 18, 2016 Edition themed “reloaded” is going to lay emphasise on the qualitative and classy aspect of the event. This edition is built with the aim of correcting the short-comings of the passed editions and to inject more professionalism in its setup from the before phase, through during phase and the after phase the event.
This edition is twined to the Launching of the first Volume of the Audio Comedy CD “Oboy Comedy Prescription”. Conceived with the leitmotif that societal values, morals and civic education can be transmitted to the components of our society through humour, the CD is a 45 minutes collection of the funny side our every-day behaviours and happenings. Funny but educative.
This edition will not only showcase talents from Yaoundé. Comedians from Buea, Limbe and Douala will perform. Considering our bilingual status, French speaking comedians will participate in this edition.
Alleviating poverty among artists, promoting and valorising the stand up comedy art, creating a platform for a diversity of our multi-artistic society is what we strive for with our concept.


  1. Thank you Kiki n mek papa God bless u plenty

  2. Thank you Kiki n mek papa God bless u plenty