Sunday, 23 October 2016

Who is this mystery "old" man calling himself Brenda Biya's Bae? (photos)

A Facebook user posing under the name Collins Aston has caused a stir on social media after posting photos of himself and Cameroon's first daughter Brenda Biya on Facebook. What really got tongues wagging is the caption used, "My Love". It is safe to say that this man is twice Brenda Biya's age. 

Were these photos, photo-shopped by political pundits who blame Biya for the Eseka train accident that caused the dead of about 70 Cameroonians and at least severely 700 injured? Or are these the photos real? Unfortunately Kinnaka's Blog can't independently valid their authenticity at the moment. 

See more photos below...


  1. It is possibly her weed supplier

    1. you said all,their connection is drugs.soon she will turn to junkie on the street.badluck child

  2. Just like her father is twice her mother's age. So what is wrong with the age difference? It runs in the family.

  3. So this is what Biya is using to distract people from the current state of the country And everybody seems to be falling for it .Hmm Paul biya is a genius when it comes to political manipulation

  4. That must be her mbanga supplier. look at his lips

  5. This man is a nigerian that has stayed in swiss for long and MOST be involved in Shaddy things that got brenda to his dent !!! This Brenda needs help !!!

  6. LOL LOL, this wig on her hair makes her look so old too, Love na love