Saturday, 22 October 2016

See inside the Pope's stunning papal residence he rejected for being too luxurious

The Pope's stunning summer residence in Castel Gandolfo has been opened to the public - offering a glimpse into 400 years of history. This comes after Pope Francis decided not to use the villa after judging it too luxurious and grandiose.
While the entire estate is now open as a museum, the main draw is the pope's bedroom, one of the 20 marble-floored rooms in the private apartments overlooking an extinct volcano at Lake Albano.

The papal apartments have been opened to the public as part of a museum.Pope Francis chose to stay at Domus Santa Marta, a glorified Vatican bed and breakfast, rather than the Vatican’s apostolic palace on his doorstep,Daily Mirror reports.

And, while they understand Francis' motives, they are praying the next pope will reverse the decision.

"We fear it will be a tombstone for us if future popes follow his example," Castel Gandolfo mayor Milvia Monachesi said at the opening on Friday.
"The fact that the palace is now a museum will make a reversal in the future difficult," she said.


  1. Offertory for church di do something oohhh! See me place weh dem tok say god yi representative di stay.

    1. God is extremely rich. Soo rich beyond our understanding. The streets of heaven are made of fine gold as the bible says. I have a problem serving a rich God and living a poor life. It doesn't tie.