Monday, 31 October 2016

Reasons why Kiss Daniel cancelled his Cameroon concert

Kiss Daniel's management have slammed Hit Factory and Nasco Entertainment for their ineptitude and failure to meet up with their signed obligations after the singer announced on Instagram that he’ll no longer be in Cameroon to headline the ‘Invasion Concert’ which was scheduled to place place in Buea on October 29, 2016. His manager, Louiza Williams, has this to say...
 ‘The event organisers couldn’t meet up with their obligations. We gave them several chances to do the needful but they failed.’
‘It’s really painful because we arrived from Dubai and went straight to the departure to check-in for the Cameroon trip only to realise that things weren’t straight. They pleaded with us to wait for 30 minutes. We ended up waiting for over five hours at the airport, yet nothing was done. They just couldn’t meet up with what was agreed and signed.’


  1. The silence from the show organizers is disrespectful to say the least... The fans deserved better from the organizers

  2. That's a silly excuse

  3. Kiss Daniel immature team keep saying the organizing team didn't meet up with their part of the contract. Someone ask them to please specify the part of the contract that wasn't met.