Friday, 28 October 2016

Popular London-based event organiser calls out Cameroonian artists, bloggers, Cameroonians in England and much more

As posted by Cameroon event organiser, Napocite LeBlondnoir on Facebook...
Been A Cameroonian Event Organiser Is Not An Easy Task At All!You Should Always Have Your High Blood Pressure Medicines In Your Chest Pocket!If The Biggest Man In This Industry Chinois Yangeu Is Crying Too Then There Is Definitely A Fire Burning On Mount Cameroon.

-Look At The Flyers Below,No Sponsors At All Apart Of Media Companies.What Is The Use Of Companies Like MTN, Orange,Camtel,Nestlé,Nescafe, Guinness Or Brasseries?
Have You Ever Tried To Ask Yourself Why Cameroon Been A Football Nation With Alot Of Talented Kids But Samuel Eto'o Closed Down His Football Academy And Transfered It To Gabon?It Is Because We Are More Interested In Individual Gains Than A Collective Achievement.L'ennemi Du Cameroun Cest Le Cameroun!
-I Don't Wish My Worst Enemy To Be At The Place Of This Event Organiser I Have Been There Before And Know The Stress He Is Undergoing At The Moment.From Paying The Artist A Fee Not Less Than $50,000 To Flying The Artist In And Sorting Out Logistics!Trust Me It Is Hell Fire. Meanwhile We Have Companies Making Millions Of Money Per Day.This Are The Platforms They Should Be Using To Brand Their Company And Products But Because Of Greed They Can't!
Now Comes The Most Stressful Part For An Event Organiser.Waiting For People To Buy Tickets,Something Which Cameroonians Don't Like At all.They Prefer Taking That 5.000Frs And Go To A Nearby Off Licence And Buy Beer Waiting To See Pictures And Videos Of Concert On Facebook.While Mr Promoter Is Sweating In His Panties And Praying In Tongues To Have Just 60% Of The Money He Invested.
That's Why Many Event Organisers Can't Take The Risk Anymore To Bring In International Urban Artists Or Even Use Local Artists For Concerts.As For Our Home Based Artists Once He Or She Is Nominated Abroad They Think They Are Super Stars They Even Refuse To Snap Pictures With Fans Or Refuse To Grant Interviews To Journalists And Bloggers.Worst Of All Most Urban Artists In Cameroon Apart Of Petit Pays Can't Pull A Crowd Of 1000 People Per Concert But They Are The First To Charge You A Heavy Fee Per Concert All This Because They Have 1000 Likes On Facebook After A Post! 
Another Factor Killing The Entertainment Industry And Making Things Difficult For Event Organisers In Cameroon Are ThisJournalists And Bloggers.They Spend Most Of Their Time Writing Articles About Foreign Artists Than Encouraging Or Promoting Home Based Talents.
In The Diaspora It Is Worst!My Case Study Will Focus On England.Most Cameroonians In England Are Either Nigerians Or Jamaicans.We Suffer From Serious Identity Problems. 
The Second Country In Europe With The Largest Number Of Cameroonians Is England But For The Past 3 Or 4 Years We Haven't Been Able To Organise A Miss Cameroon Event!Not Because We Can't But Most Cameroonians Wouldn't Show Up!Their New Anthem?Investing Home Or I Don't Mix With Cameroonians.
In London Where Most Cameroonians Live In England We Have Just 2 Mainstream Cameroonian Restaurants But We Are The First Consumers Of Nigerian And Chinese Food In London..To Make It Worst There Is No Cameroonian Night Club In London!Not Because We Can't But There Is A But...
Spirit Of Greed & Corruption Go AwaySpirit Of Ego & Jealousy OutSpirit Of Identity Out
May God Heal This Cancer!Amen


  1. This very Napocite who organised a show in Cameroon last year, took money for tickets/reservations and smuggled his way back to the UK thru Naija without paying artists a dime?? Shebi na him deh rant for here. Thunder fire am. Rubbish....

  2. But e don tok true Cameroonian dem na big time hypocrate dem

  3. Amennnnnn. Cheiiii that is some deep shit. 100%truth. The message get weight.

  4. True talk that's why Cameroon is not going anywhere with a lot of things and if we have to think of the amount of money Nigerian artist contribute to their economy kamers can't try it greed as he said

  5. Good talk brother but England is not a country

    1. Go buy a map.
      UK comprises 4 countries: ENGLAND, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. So yes, it is a country. You're welcome

  6. Spirit Of Greed & Corruption Go AwaySpirit Of Ego & Jealousy OutSpirit Of Identity Out
    May God Heal This Cancer!Amen

    Very insightful and true! Sad

  7. This bro has been so thoughtful and observative.