Thursday, 13 October 2016

Meet JimDre Westbrook, the 32-year-old virgin (photos)

If you thought that only women abstained from sex in an effort to wait for the one man to create their soul tie with, then you’re in for a surprise!

JimDre Westbrook, aka“Worth The Wait Guy,” has made national headlines for being a 32-year-old virgin. Women are searching high and low and swiping right trying to catch a man who meets their list of marriage material credentials: a tall, attractive, college-educated, Black man with a perfect smile. Oh, and not to mention someone who isn’t in these streets adding to his body count. So how is it that a man like JimDre–who meets all of the above–has been able to abstain from sex in the prime of his life?

Let’s just say that his unwavering faith and undeniable self-discipline has kept him from taking a dip into the pool of temptation.

At the age of 14, JimDre made a vow that he would honor his body until marriage, and attributes his personal and professional success to having Jesus on the mainline. Abstaining from sex hasn’t meant that JimDre’s life is perfect. After his 30th birthday, when he went public with his story and initially became the “Worth The Wait Guy,” he was in a near fatal car accident where he was hit by a drunk driver. It totaled his car, but he walked away with only a few scratches. Instead of wondering why the God he so faithfully served would allow that to happen, JimDre looked at the accident as a blessing. He believes that it was God telling him that he was on the right path.


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