Saturday, 8 October 2016

#DeportChrisBrown: Kenyan's Are Furious After Chris Brown Smashed Fan's Phone On Arrival

Trouble seems to always find a way of trailing singer Chris Brown and this time, it has followed him all the way to Kenya.

Reports are circulating that the controversial singer has stirred major outrage amongst his Kenyan fans after he allegedly attacked a female fan. Brown landed in Mombasa, Kenya this morning in preparation for the Mombasa Rocks concert, set to hold at the Mombasa Golf Club this evening.
However, as he was about to board his car at the Moi International Airport, he was reportedly approached by a female fan for a selfie. Chris is said to have grabbed the lady’s phone and smashed it on the ground as she was taking pictures.

Since the news broke, Kenyan twittersphere has exploded with different reactions and many are calling for Brown to be deported to America using the #DeportChrisBrown.

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  1. Hmmmmm...when na Koffi all (wo)man ko tok...wusai all dat KB readers dem today ????????