Saturday, 22 October 2016

Dencia denies having "loud sex" with Paul Pogba

Dencia is denying rumors that she and the world's most expensive football player got into trouble at a hotel because of their ""noisy sex" as reported exclusively by The Sun. The entrepreneur unleashed her outrage on Twitter, calling the article "BS." She added that on the night in question, she was DJing at Viva. 

According to Dencia's official website, she was in Manchester on September 26. The Sun's article says that the newspaper's source was in the Lowry Hotel between September 24 and 30.


  1. kk if be na u so you go gree ???

  2. True and normal

  3. Let this story die massa. Every website I go same story. every news paper I read, same thing. Can't two adults have quality sex in peace? What is this world turning into?