Friday, 28 October 2016

Chadian President Visits Cameroon

The President of the Republic of Chad, Idriss Deby Itno, who is also the current President of the African Union, begins a two day state visit to Cameroon this Friday 28th October 2016, CRTV reports.

The Presidential aircraft transporting the Chadian President is expected at the Yaounde, Nsimalen International Airport at 3:00pm. President Idriss Deby will be received at the airport by his Cameroonian counterpart Paul Biya.
After airport civilities both leaders will head for the Hilton Hotel in Yaounde where the Chadian leader will take temporal residence during his stay in Cameroon.

His Excellence Idriss Deby Itno and President Paul Biya will have a tete a tete at Cameroon’s State House – The Unity Palace at 5:00pm, the visit ends on Saturday.

The State visit on the invitation of his Cameroonian counterpart Paul Biya comes at a time when Cameroon is recovering from the shock of the ghastly train derailment in Eseka on Friday 21st October 2016 that left some 76 people dead and 599 others injured. It is worth recalling that Chad is one of the first countries that extended condolence to Cameroon following the said incident.

Chad and Cameroon are neighbouring countries that share strong bilateral ties. Both countries worked in synergy to fight the terrorist group Boko Haram. The Chad – Cameroon pipeline project is another concrete example of the brotherly ties that both countries share.

This is relatively high level of movement of people and goods between both countries. Most of Chadian exports and imports pass through the Douala seaport.

The Douala РNdjamena corridor felt the impact of the ruptured portion of the Yaound̩ РDouala highway at Matomb in the Nyong and Kelle Division and goods headed for Chad suffered delays.

It is yet uncertain if Chadians were amongst the victims of the Eseka train crash but it is likely that President Paul Biya and his guest will discuss on the accident.

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