Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Cameroon's football legend Rigobert Song comes out of two-day coma

Former Cameroon international footballer Rigobert Song has come out of a two-day coma and will be flown to France for treatment. The 40-year-old was admitted to Yaounde Central Hospital on Sunday after falling unconscious.

"He has come out of his coma and the oxygen has been disconnected," Dr Louis Joss Bitang A Mafok, director of the hospital's emergency centre confirmed.
"His high blood pressure has returned to normal and the cerebral haemorrhage has been controlled."
Dr Mafok also explained that a plane will be arriving from France to transfer Song on Tuesday.
"A medical aircraft will be in Cameroon in (Tuesday) he morning, we will have a working session with the French team and then he will be flown to France," he explained.

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