Sunday, 2 October 2016

Cameroonian producer Agbor Gilbert Ebot clears the air

A few days ago, Cameroonian producer Agbor Gilbert Ebot took to Facebook to call out Cameroonians living in the USA. According to Mr Ebot, the most primitive Cameroonians live in America and invest in China or America instead of investing back home. 

Most Cameroon's found the producers words offensive and took to social media to pour out their disapproval...
"You are not serious, are u? Smh. Before u open that mouth of yours, take the time to reflect on what u want to say. I had no idea Trump had African relatives" wrote Anonymous
PE said: "It's obvious that Agbor Gilbert will only know and talk about those Cameronians he knows. Unfortunately he has no idea Cameron's American community is not limited to his kind. And if those he is talking about are those with his kind of thinking, then of course they will be as primitive as him. So, don't blame him, he is only expressin his ignorance. I don't know what made him think he has attained a level to castigate his stupidity on Cameronians living in America. Sometimes, it is safe to limit your views to your level. He should have said, "the Cameroonians he knows or hang out with" 
"Wow, let me hold back a little. AGE do you know why the Nigerians and Ghanaians invest in their countries? There is what is called "Dual Nationality" enjoyed by citizens from those countries you mentioned. As such, they will feel at ease to go back to their countries of origines and invest. The Cameroon government refuses its ordinary citizens in the diaspora to have dual nationality. Biya's regime picks and chooses who should have dual nationality. Most francophones ministers, members of government and football players have dual nationality. The rest of us out here are obliged to chose being a Cameroonian or British. Of course, common sense will dictate to you what I will chose to become. Why then would I want to ask for a visa just to visit my country? If I have to come invest in Cameroon I would be doing so with a very fat dark cloud above me as a foreigner! Doing business in Cameroon as a Cameroonian is tough enough then talk less of doing it as a foreigner! massa Agbor Gilbert are you kidding? (Oki bugélea)? You no even try do small research as to why some of your brothers and sisters no fit cam invest for contri for invest? You need to apologize bruv. Please people, do not insult the young man. When we were his age we also wanted to be heard. Yes he behaved primitively but we cannot throw away our own. Lets help civilize him instead.": wrote Mr Denis Ojage.
Well, Agbor Gilbert Ebot is clearly feeling the heat as he took to Facebook this morning to clear the air. Mr Ebot says his post was addressing corrupt Cameroonians who embezzle from Cameroon and invest in America. Check out his statement below...


  1. Who even cares about the opinion of this short nigga!

  2. Tsuiippppp he must think people are stupid.when he can't bear the stupidity of what he said now he's editing everything he said. Why didn't he specify that in the post he made in the first place? ?? Abeg just grab several sits

  3. Ngombe keeps coming around!