Monday, 10 October 2016

Cameroonian actress Malvis Ann Mohvu covers up at the "This Is Africa" movie premiere (photos)

Malvis Ann Mohvu toned down her wardrobe on Friday at the "This Is Africa" movie premiere—and she's never looked better!

The actress came under fire early this year after going braless and baring measure cleavage at the 2016 CAMIFF opening ceremony night on April 25, 2016. This time around, Malvin opted for a ladylike beautiful maxi dress and still managed to turn heads!

See more photos below...


  1. Nobi she di hide da flat bobi dem wey she be first show we!!!

  2. hahahahaha Anonymous no kill me with laugh i beg you

  3. You guys are just so unreal... Facebook full of fake people. Malvis that dress is ugly.. You look like a Female Jesus and ur friends be like..."awwww, ouchhh, great" for where?? Ud beta not wear this shit anymore Buea town celebrity!!