Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Brad Pitt reportedly in ‘bad shape’ following Angelina Jolie’s shocking decision to file for divorce

Angelina Jolie filed for divorce two weeks ago, and Brad Pitt is reportedly finding it difficult to come to terms with it. The 52 year old is reportedly in “bad shape” following the shake-up and is “crushed” by the series of events.
According to Us Weekly, the star has been breaking down in tears since hearing the news. A US Weekly, an insider said
“He can’t believe this is what his life has become, and he’s in bad shape, but the kids are the only thing he’s hanging onto,” “He’s been leaning heavily on his family and speaks to his parents and close friends and his manager constantly. His mom has been talking to him constantly.” 
The insider added that both parents will receive individual counseling, and they will also attend counseling sessions as a family with the children. Pitt will additionally undergo voluntary, random drug and alcohol testing .
"He will cooperate in whatever way he can," the first source adds. "He loves those kids more than anything."

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