Monday, 31 October 2016

Blanche Bailly stirs UP her male fans with super sexy photo

Cameroonian singer Blanche Bailly who is repeatedly being compared to Nicki Minaj has caused serious commotion among her male fans on Facebook! The singer shared the photo above and her fans flooded her page to appreciate her famous curves! See the comments below...


  1. William Moyo happens to be the only person speaking the truth.... the others are shouting 'I want to fuck you' in their minds but prefer to write 'merde'

  2. the last commentator should chill na. she is one hella of a hotness.

  3. All i can say is your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit Blanche. Use it to gratify God and not men. Keep up leading men astray by exposing such nudity. Don't forget you will give an account of your life on that faithful day.

    Lots of love,