Friday, 7 October 2016

Amazing health benefits of eggshell

You probably follow the same breakfast preparation-routine every day: crack an egg open to whisk it for an omelet or peel a hard-boiled egg, then toss the eggshells away.Eggs are a highly nutritious food packed with protein, calcium and minerals that millions of people around the world consume every day. But who has ever thought about the value of eggshells?

Why should they, considering it’s just a flimsy outer covering of a food item that doesn’t look like it could be very useful after it breaks into smithereens?

No one can blame you, because the benefits of eggshells are extremely understated and hardly talked about.

Find below some of the amazing health benefits of eggshell:

1. Used as an effective face mask
The shells obtained from eggs can be crushed with a mortar and pestle. The powder obtained from this can be mixed with an egg white to form a nourishing face mask. To use this, the mask has to dry on the face before rinsing it out. This will help tighten the skin on the face and make it more healthy.

2. A healthy source of calcium

The calcium contained in eggshell is the same calcium from which bones and teeth are made. It is a general knowledge that calcium is needed for healthy bones. It also works for the muscles and nerves too. The powder gotten from eggshell is easily taken in by the body. This helps to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
When eggshell are to be used as dietary supplement, they should be boiled first. This will kill the bacteria that might be attached to the shells. You can dry the shells before processing it into a powdery form.

3. Treatment of skin irritation
If you worry about skin reaction which is often caused by irritation, here is a solution. You can put the shells of an egg in a container of apple cider vinegar. This should be left for some days before putting the mixture on the skin where the irritation is seen.

4. Abrasive for cleaning 

The shells from egg could be crushed and used to make an effective abrasive. This can be used to wash off tough stains from pots. Mixing it with soapy water will produce a better result. Some people use the powder obtained from crushed shells to wash away tough stains in sinks and baths too.

5. To improve the taste of your coffee 
Crushed eggshell can be added to ground coffee before brewing it. The coffee tastes better and less bitter when this is added to it. Some farmers have found other uses for the shells as it could be used for compost heaps.

6. To scare off cats 
If you are the type that is concerned with cats being in your space, some ground eggshell can be sprinkled on the ground in order to keep the cats away.