Tuesday, 11 October 2016

500 dismissed Ghanaian army recruits threaten to join ISIS and Boko Haram if they are not recalled

More than 500 recruits of the Ghana Armed Forces(GAF) sacked in 2015 for indiscipline are considering joining terrorists groups, local media reported Monday.

The recruits, who accused the GAF authorities of unfair treatment after they were unceremoniously dismissed, have threatened to join the terrorist groups, ISIS or Boko Haram, unless they were recalled into the training school.
They said though some of their colleagues were found wanting by the instructors, they had never stated that the training was too difficult as claimed by the leadership of the training school.

The recruits claim they are qualified but had been dismissed wrongly as a result of other considerations other than their inability to complete the required training.

Security expert Nicholas Nii Okine has recommended that the National Peace Council and the intelligence agencies must step in.

He suggested counseling and a mini-reintegration process to re-tool the recruits to perform other duties for the state because the threat, if not managed, could be disastrous.

A Ghanaian female, Shakira Mohammed, was reported to have joined the ISIS in August last year.

A 25-year-old college graduate Nazir Nortei Alema, and another man called Rafik, are also confirmed to have joined the terrorist group.

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