Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Woman nabbed for dumping her newborn baby in Batibo Sub Division, Cameroon (photos/video)

On Friday the September 23, 2016, at about 8:00am in Nyenjei village in Batibo Sub Division, Cameroon a woman by name of Acha Valentina delivered a baby boy by herself and dumped the baby about 50 metres away from her home.

A woman from that same neighbourhood heard the baby crying and went to look for the baby. The woman found Valentina's baby and raised the alarm and the shocked residents Nyenjei rushed the baby to St. John of God Hospital Batibo where he is presently responding to treatment. 

 Acha Valentina was suspected of the crime and after interrogations the authorities, the married mother of 7 confessed to the crime. 

Watch a video of her confessing to the crime below...


  1. Post partum. She definitely needs help. 7 kids already and she looks young. God help us. Thank God the lil baby was rescued.

  2. Weh postpartum !! Her emotions are kicking in , and she does innocent God help her