Friday, 16 September 2016

Why the big girls in Douala are still single

Douala is a beautiful city that is always bubbling and bustling with life; business is always in high gear and there are lots of places that will attract tourists. The social life in this part of the country cannot be compared to any other city because of the population. There are some ladies that are considered to be big girls in Douala due to their lifestyles and attitudes. These ladies have toured virtually every nook and cranny of the highly populated city; they have personal encounters with the movers and shakers in the society. They are found at every societal party and do not do much with life if there is no man sponsoring them out of the country or fueling their businesses. As beautiful as these girls are, most of them do not settle down as the euphoria of being ‘in town’ does not ever wear off. Find out some of the core reasons why the so called big girls in Douala are still single: 

1. Marriage is not appealing to many of them
The big girls in Douala do not have a good orientation when it comes to marriage. They have set their own standards and expect the men to conform to those things. They get a lot being single and detest being under the control of any man if he does not have enough to spend on them. The concept of growing with a man is faded to them as they prefer to be with men that are already made. 

2. They do not want to be tied down
Another reason the big girls in Douala are still single is their inability to adapt to family life; they simply cannot cope with being locked up in the house and seeing to domestic needs. They will settle down well if they can eat their cake and still have it. But knowing fully well that some men will not want to put up with their excesses, they prefer to continue to be ‘in town’. Their mode of dressing and social life may have to be toned down if they have to get married. 

3. Men feel they are expensive to maintain
Many of the big girls in Douala are seen as expensive; men prefer to go for ladies who they think are humble and reserved. They will be able to make plans with the cool ladies and not get broke trying to please the bigger girls. Men who are struggling may not be able to ask them out as they feel they are not in their league. The calibre of men who have the kind of money the big girls want are either married or emotionally unavailable. 

4. Men think they are taken
It is hard for men to settle down with the fact that the beautiful, curvy and attractive women they see are not in a serious relationship. They do not bother approaching them as they assume they will be taken and definitely not available. 

5. Lack of comportment
Many of the big girls in Douala do not know how to comport themselves. Some of them lack manners and belittle everyone they meet. The haughty looks they have will not make men want to settle with them as they will always have problems dealing with relatives and neighbours. Being wild and in vogue is all that matters to them as they do not see marriage as a priority until they are old. 

6. Some focus on career
Not all the big girls in Douala are whores; some of these ladies are working class women who are diligent in their chosen fields of work. As devoted and hardworking as these ladies are, some of them focus more on their career. They are the independent ladies in the society who are celebrated for the remarkable work they do while intimidating men at the same time.

7. Men also want to play
 It will be unfair for us to put all the blames on the big girls in Douala; sometimes, them being single is not entirely their fault. The men in our society are not interested in settling down either. They prefer to use the pay as you go method when dealing with women. They have money to spend and do not want to be tied down by the women in any way.

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