Saturday, 24 September 2016

Two notorious thieves caught and beaten by mob in Bamenda, Cameroon (photos/videos)

Two notorious thieves (names unknown) were nabbed by a mob yesterday, September 23, 2016, in Bamenda Cameroon. The duo have been terrorizing Bamenda residents by raping women, stealing phones and breaking into shops around town.

They were caught yesterday after they stole from a popular man in Bamenda called David (Grand Dav) who sells OC at the Bamenda Commercial  Avenue. An angry mob led by Abakwa Iron Boys beat them to a pulp until the police showed up and took them into custody. 

Watch videos from the incident below...


  1. Wahh peri... u last make so turn u actor. Ur combat di play the whole internet.

  2. It is a good thing they weren't battered or smashed to death.