Thursday, 8 September 2016

Two boys allegedly rape and kill a 1-year-old in Mundemba, Cameroon (photo/video)

According multiple news reports, two boys pictured above allegedly raped a one year old, killed her, and then dumped her body into a pit toilet. The gruesome incident reportedly happened yesterday  in Mundemba, Ndian Division, South West region, Cameroon. 

As the population struggles to come to terms with this horrific news, some wondered if the boys could even get an erection, or let alone be capable of damaging the late baby's genitalia in such a way, as the medical report indicates. Is someone using the these boys to cover his/her crimes?

The boys are currently being questioned. Stay tuned for more on this story...
Watch the video below 


  1. Seriously I'm still finding it hard to believe these kids are capable of doing something like that. They might be been threatened into saying that but sincerely I am finding it hard to believe. All I can say is that this case needs to be well investigated

  2. Chaiii witchcraft ooh. God abeg make this world makam end. Na weti this nor. Read this story at 2am this morning since then sleep don dry for ma eyes aswear. The devil is at work ooh. Why kill the poor baby. Who even teach them rape. Weeee God weheee.

  3. If u look at the taller one's expression u will notice shame. The younger one could have agreed with the route sudjested by the officer but he knows which road they took "morimbi their road". He gave enough details. You can't force a kid to pretend that well. I have seen enough to believe that they actually did it.