Thursday, 8 September 2016

Tom Hiddleston insists HE 'dumped' Taylor Swift and 'not the other way round'

Tom Hiddleston insists that it was him who ended it with Taylor Swift, and not her. A source close to the hunky British actor has revealed that he “grew tired of her”. According to friends of the 35-year-old, his relationship with Taylor was never going to last. They say he is notoriously non-committal with ladies so much so that they have christened the time frame for his relationships as 'the three month rule' because they hardly last longer.
According reports from DailyMail, someone in the know said:
'He grew tired of Taylor, it wasn’t the other way round.'
Team Taylor had mooted the idea that she decided to get rid of Tom after he demanded she walk the Emmys red carpet with him, in what would appear to be a transparent attempt to boost his career.

But the friend said:

'Tom drifted from her and it had nothing to do with her being put off by the publicity. It’s more to do with the fact he’s a commitment-phobe who gets bored very easily.'
His pal said:
'Even his sisters affectionately chide him on his lack of relationship staying power'

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