Wednesday, 21 September 2016

"She has a very shameful secret"- Supposed fiance who jilted Nigerian Editor speaks up

This morning, Kinnaka's Blog reported a story of a heartbroken Nigerian Editor, Shalom Miriam Shehu who took to Twitter to curse her fiancé of 3 years, Taiwo, after she found via Instagram, that he married another lady last weekend.

Well, 'Taiwo' has come on Twitter to explain why he didn't marry Shalom Miriam, saying she did something shameful and unforgivable to him, he's no fraud and that he couldn't break up with her before leaving Nigeria because she could have shot him. He also said she didn't completely finance his education abroad. Very interesting! Read more tweets after the cut. This is probably all BS but let's enjoy..
Read from bottom up...


  1. Ungrateful idiot! whatever happened to breaking up, you are wicked that's what you're! Even if she murdered someone or she's into whatever you claim it something horrible she deserves to be treated like a human don't just engage someone and leave her to marry another. And all dis rubbish can't justify ur horrible, horrible behaviour!What ever curse she lays on you stands.I wonder why idiots like you are still parading the earth alive nonsense. I pity your present wife.

  2. This dude is dishonest & a fraud.If you want to leave a lady,tell her.If she's been kind to you,the very reason to tell her.All this your "she will shoot me",is cock & bull.Na waoo, people nolonger breakup these days. Even after engagement. One partner just starts the cheating game and expects you to understand and move on. This generation. no me ooh.