Saturday, 24 September 2016

Princess Kate's Sister, Pippa Middleton in ‘Nude Blackmail Plot’

POLICE were last night investigating an attempt to flog intimate snaps of Pippa Middleton by a man who claimed to have hacked her phone. The shadowy cyber thief contacted The Sun by email yesterday and demanded “a minimum of £50,000” within 48 hours for the images and data from her iCloud account.
According to The Sun, Pippa was horrified last night after a crook tried to sell intimate photos said to have been hacked from her phone.

The man contacted The Sun claiming to have 3,000 images of the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister, 33. He said snaps included her at a wedding dress fitting and ones of her fiancé nude.

He claimed to have private photographs of Pippa, 33 — including her being fitted in a wedding dress and naked snaps of her millionaire fiance James Matthews.

The mystery man also bragged that he was in possession of pictures of Pippa’s sister, Duchess of Cambridge Kate, and brother-in-law Prince William. To prove the authenticity of his claims, the crook calling himself “Crafty Cockney” emailed two photos showing the socialite at what appeared to be her wedding dress fitting session.

The gown was masked by a superimposed box but the picture appeared to show smiling Pippa with mum Carole taking camera phone snaps in the background.

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