Monday, 12 September 2016

Photographer captures women faces as they have real orgasms

 We all unconciously pull silly faces when we are at the big "O" moment! Photographer Albert Pocej captured  women climaxing in an array of locations. The pictures were captured in a photography experiment by Mr Pocej, originally from Vilnius, Lithuania, after he 'dreamt' about the idea.

In some cases, the photographer was present when the female subject climaxed - and captured the moment she reached orgasm himself.

But in others, he set up his camera and used time-lapse photography, so the woman could pleasure herself without feeling self-conscious.

Writing for Bored Panda , Mr Pocej said:

  "This series was my personal challenge to capture the moment of women reaching the highest point of physical pleasure."At first I thought it would be impossible. Finding the models was the most difficult part. I started to write to everybody I know without any boundaries since all the women are so different.

 The answers I got were mostly two kinds: “I don’t have enough courage”, and just the silence, which is also pretty obvious as an answer. When I finally found 20 women that were ready to take part in this project, some of them refused to continue when I told them that it will not be acting, and some of them weren’t able to relax already while shooting. So at the end there were only 15 left. All participating models have experienced real orgasms during this photo project.

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