Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Pastor Who Scammed Kuwait Returnee Jailed At Kondengui

Kuwait returnees at workshop
A Cameroonian, who returned recently from Kuwait after a failed ‘bush falling’ venture, has sent her Pastor, Francis Mbacham, to prison for what she termed a scam.

Twenty-nine-year-old Loveline Ebangah made the revelation to the press in Kumba on Friday, September 2, during a two-day symposium grouping some 52 female returnees from countries in the Middle East.
The symposium was organised at the Kumba City Council by the Committee for the Fight against Human Trafficking and Rights Abuse, COMATHRA.
Meanwhile, Ebangah said she found herself in Kuwait through her Pastor.
According to her, Pastor Mbacham collected over FCFA 700,000 from her to process her documents. “When I arrived in Kuwait, it dawned on me that the agency and my Pastor had shared the money and I was left stranded,” Ebangah told reporters.
Ebangah recounted that she worked as a housemaid for several families in Kuwait and slept on the floor in a corridor leading to the rest room of the house side by side with a cat.
“In some cases, I was even raped. Things worsened whenI requested to return back to Cameroon,” Ebangah said. She narrated that in the last days before she returned home, one of her employers threw her from a storey building to the ground floor where she was unconscious for days.
“It was thanks to God’s intervention that I regained my consciousness in the hospital before coming back to Cameroon,” she said.
Back in Cameroon, Ebangah said Pastor Mbacham refused to refund her money. “That is why I sought the intervention of the Delegate General for National Security. Thanks to the Delegate’s intervention, Mbacham is currently in prison,” she said.
COMATHRA in partnership with Freedom for All in the US and the Pan African Organisation are currently carrying out feasibility studies to support the girls to set up small businesses.
COMATHRA President, Larrry Esong Akang, told reporters that the training is aimed at reintegrating the girls into the society.
Akang said thanks to partners such as the Government, Freedom for All and the Pan African Organisation, more girls will be freed from the illusion of ‘bush falling’.
Peter Wongbie of the Pan African Organisation on Research and Protection of Violence against Women said the training offered the girls is to eradicate fear and transform them into a new breed of entrepreneurs.
The human development expert traced the causes of such migration to poverty, peer pressure and lies from travel agencies.
He said the training is in line with Government’s effort to stop such risky migration for youths out of Cameroon.
Wongbie said after the capacity building exercise, and feasibility studies, recommendations will be made for sponsorship based on the business plans the girls will present.
The team is equally expected to pay courtesy visits to the Prime Ministry, Ministry of External Relations, Delegate General for National Security and the Ministry of Women Empowerment and the Family.

Source: Cameroon Postline


  1. Mek them fall bush plenty. Them no di hear ear .

  2. The fall bush because of the the country favours only the rich n those with god fathers... U think the had a better option before choosing Kuwait?... Be supportive...

    1. Leave that self entitled idiot. Poverty is real and these people are trying to make a living.

  3. She has not complained of not being paid during her stay. The government has failed to protect its citizens their contracts could have been checked at the airports before sending them through. I live in the Middle East and each time I travel they ask for so many papers irrelevant. How can they keep missing this point to those travelling for the first time?
    To the girls they just get up and they fall bush and most of them see a computer there for the first time talk less of using it. What other jobs were they qualified for and they were not offered. They are just so obsessed with bush falling thing.
    This Man of God eeeeh fear you Pastor, You could even talk to God to know if she will bring you trouble.

    1. Whoa your response is epic. Thanks for letting us know you have a white collar job.Please if they are going as housemaids what qualifications do they need. Do you know how many au pairs or housemaids work here in Europe?
      The problem is with Cameroon diplomacy who doesn't ensure their citizens are protected abroad. You go to work in a conducive and non toxic environment.
      Please read stories diplomats have been sued taken to court. Cases have been levied against rich African, middle eastern here in Europe. So no matter the paperwork at the end of the day the employer has to fulfill their contract.
      Let's forget about work documents. Some have traveled on touristic visa or student visa you need to see how the host has treated them. Yes some on the floor is their bed.
      Ok let's forget about traveling even in Cameroon some employer s treat their housemaids like shit. Be it white or African.
      Peace let the government honour their citizens and encourage job opportunities.