Thursday, 22 September 2016

'Messi made Barca not you, and even my Grandfather could have won the league with Bayern'- Toure's agent hits at Guardiola again

This Yaya Toure's agent is going to ruin his career! There's a huge possibility that his media rants will ensure his client doesn't play football for the next 8 months.

Dimitri Seluk, Yaya Toure's Ukranian agent has fired more shots at Man City coach Pep Guardiola after the coach said Yaya won't play for the club again unless his agent apologises to the club and it's players. 

Within the space of 24 hours after his first blast, Yaya Toure's agent now claims the Spaniard had little to do with Barcelona's success during his tenure saying if he was a good coach he should go coach Sunderland or Zaragoza.

'The team he took at Barca had been built by Frank Rijkaard and then he was lucky to have Lionel Messi,' Seluk told the Daily Mirror.
It was Messi who made Barca, not Pep. Luis Enrique has shown that Barca's success was not down to Guardiola. It was the same in Munich. He couldn't fail. My grandfather could have won the league with that team, he said.
'If Pep wants to prove himself as a great manager, then he should go to Zaragoza or Sunderland. Let's see how good he is when he doesn't take over a great team and hasn't got half-a-billion pounds to spend.


  1. I swear this guy is a big fool .Let him go and get the man city or barcelone job .sounding as though he became yaya Toures agent from Africa .wander how someone can employ a stupid man as his agent .

  2. Seluk has just said what a lot of managers think but won't say out loud.