Sunday, 4 September 2016

Meet the Kenyan man who can't have sex because his penis has grown bigger than a BABY (photos)

For most men having a large penis is generally considered a blessing - but for this poor Kenyan man it is a heartbreaking curse that has left him unable to have sex. Sorence Owiti Opiyo's member is ten times that of the average male's, equating to roughly the same size as a baby.

The 20-year-old has endured a life of tragedy, being taken in by his grandmother when both his parents died when he was aged just five.

He had a medical operation when he initially discovered the swelling at ten, which initially helped the problem, but it has since returned bigger and worse than ever.

Not only is Mr Opiyo's penis massively oversized, but it also is extremely disfigured towards the tip.

It means that he cannot have sex and consequently he is unable to bring any kids into the world and start a family, which is all he wants to do, according to Buzz Kenya.

He also cannot work out and had to drop out of school because other kids were teasing him about it.

His family are now trying to fund another medical procedure in a bid try to end his nightmare once and for all.

Mr Opiyo's condition, which does not have a name, is reportedly the only case in Africa.

His family have made his disfigured manhood in the hope that sympathetic viewers donate to help fund the costs.

Photo credit: Buzz Kenya 

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