Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Married UK politician, 59, resigns after begging for foursome with male prostitutes and sex drugs (Photos/chats/Video)

A MARRIED Labour MP has been urged to resign as chief of a vice committee after allegedly being caught paying young men for sex and asking them to bring the sex-drug poppers to his flat.

Father-of-two Keith Vaz MP has stood down from the chairmanship of the Home Affairs Select Committee, which is overseeing a major shake-up of prostitution laws, after the Sunday Mirror exposed the allegations.

Mr Vaz, 59, was caught begging for a foursome as he met two Eastern European male prostitutes for sex eight days ago, according to the paper.

The veteran MP has been chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, which monitors crime, immigration and drug policy, for almost a decade.

In July this year the committee published a report calling for the decriminalisation of soliciting by sex workers and sex workers sharing premises.

Mr Vaz reportedly told escorts visiting him at a London flat “we need to get this party started”.

In a series of texts printed in the Sunday Mirror he allegedly asked the men to bring the sex-enhancing drugs, poppers to the meeting.

The MP for Leicester East since 1987 has referred the allegations to his solicitor and claimed that he has been the victim of a sting operation.

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