Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Kendall Jenner graces the cover of Vogue Australia

FOR someone closely related to Kim Kardashian, it seems impossible that Kendall Jenner would baulk at the idea of an Instagram selfie.

But she does.

Jenner, who is October’s Australian Vogue cover girl, is clearly used to people assuming she subscribes to the same social media habits as her famous sisters.
“It just doesn’t necessarily pertain to me exactly but (being asked) how to take a perfect selfie — if you look at my Instagram, you can tell I’m not really big on selfies,” Jenner tells the magazine, out Monday, October 19.

It’s a far cry from Kim Kardashian’s stance: early last year, she proudly released a book simply containing selfies.

In fact, 20-year-old Jenner has long been navigating a different path to her mega famous family. Despite getting her start on their TV reality show, she’s quickly made a name for herself as an elite fashion model, gracing the runways of New York and Paris for the top fashion houses.

It’s all a dream come true for Jenner, who says she used to idolise supermodels.

“When I was a little girl, I was always tall and lanky, and supermodels were my superheroes,” she said.

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