Thursday, 1 September 2016

Homeless chic? Outrage as New York store sells $585 'distressed shoes' covered with duct tape that 'mock the poor'

A luxury department store has been accused of insulting the poor by selling a 'distressed' shoe 'styled with duct tape' for $585 (£450). Barneys New York has customers who include both Jay Z and Justin Bieber.
Scottish comedian Limmy is one of those critical of the shoes by a high-end brand called Golden Goose which he called 'poverty appropriation'. The Golden Goose shoes, which retail at $585 (£450) and are sold at Barneys, are accused of being 'poverty appropriation' due to the distressed and duct-tape style

Limmy tweeted: 'This is poverty appropriation. I've got a pair of Adidas Sambas that are in that state. The sole has a hole in them with cycling. Yours for £499.'

One follower responded: 'Just need a hint of the smell of urine and you have yourself a deal. £trampchic'

An image of the shoe with its price was posted by a Twitter user on Saturday with the caption 'Lmao' - laughing my ass off - and has since been retweeted over 8,000 times.

One wrote: 'The look of poverty shouldn't be seen or sold as fashion. What the f*** is wrong with some people?'

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