Thursday, 29 September 2016

Exclusive: Dencia shows off new massive luxurious mansion (photo)

Dencia's new Mansion
The whitenicious business must be raking up some cash for Dencia yo!

The controversial Cameroonian pop singer and beauty entrepreneur, has been dropping hints about her palatial new digs for some time on Snapchat. From what we can gather so far, it is a contemporary luxury mansion, has bowling alley, a sauna and much more.

At this point, Kinnaka's Blog is unsure of the location of the mansion, it's current market value and whether it is a rental or "The Queen of Matamba" actually bought it.

We are currently digging! Stay tuned for more on this juice...

Dencia's old Mansion

Dencia's old one-level Mediterranean mansion was estimated at a market value of over $3 million and Dencia was renting it at a rate of $14,000 ( about FCFA 8.1million) a month (which comes to about FCFA >97million per year).

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