Thursday, 22 September 2016

'DESIGNER VAGINA' Now the Vogue for Ladies!!!

Cosmetic Surgery has steadily increased in popularity over the years, with procedures that were once seen as taboo now commonly requested. Cosmetic Gynaecology or labiaplasty (more commonly, and misleadingly, known as Designer Vagina) is the collective term for any Cosmetic Surgical procedure performed on the vagina, of which there are multiple.

It has become one of Britain’s fastest growing cosmetic surgery procedures and has captured the attention (and imaginations) of both the public and media. According to recent studies, one in five women Australia now want a 'designer' vagina. 

Why do women want a 'designer' vagina?

Airbrushed female genitalia in pornography magazines, has fostered an unrealistic idea how the ideal woman should look.

There’s such a thing as a floppy labia: And it can be uncomfortable! According to Dr. Heller, “some women experience irritation and discomfort during exercise and daily activities as a result of a larger labia.” Perhaps it gets in the way when yoga posing. Regardless of the how and why, a floppy, larger labia is one of the reasons why women undergo labiaplasty.

Many women who undergo labiaplasty believe that a smaller labia is more aesthetically pleasing. I don’t know any woman who opens her legs, grabs a mirror, looks at her lips and thinks you’re too big!

Many women who deliver a baby vaginally have to get their labia stitched up due to tearing. Ouch! But, it happens most often than not. While they’re at it, some of these women decide to have a labiaplasty. Childbirth can also stretch the labia. Overall, biaplasty is used to repair the vagina and make it brand spanking new.

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