Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Catholic Church acquits HIV-infected priest who confessed to raping over 30 girls

The Catholic Church has acquitted an HIV-infected priest who has admitted to raping close to 30 young girls between the ages of five and 10 years old. According to a bombshell report, which appeared in the Spanish-language news site, the priest, Jose Garcia Ataulfo, was absolved of any wrongdoing by the Archdiocese of Mexico.
Ataulfo has admitted to sexually assaulting indigenous young girls from Oaxaca, a state in southern Mexico known for its large indigenous population.

The priest has yet to face any criminal charges, most likely due to the significant influence that the Catholic Church wields in Mexico, particularly in areas populated by indigenous ethnic groups.

According to, only two of the over two dozen rape victims have come forward to denounce the acquittal.

The website Anonymous Mexico reported that the mother of one of the victims asked to meet with Pope Francis in Rome, but she was rebuffed by the Vatican which wrote a letter stating that it considered the matter closed.


  1. The Catholic church is guilty of more crimes than any other religious group. They are the biggest mafia known to man period

  2. Honestly the Catholic church is a sham. Inshort i don tire me religion.The easiest way to mask evil.

    1. You ignorant fools.... stop pointing at catholic church.. point at individuals....

  3. You pipo should shurrup. Is the crimecommitted by the church or d individual? Its down to the individual. Do they say rap kids in the catholic church or kill or use magic? No. A human is a human no matter what church he or she attends. The fact someone is a priest dont make him perfect. He shits, pees, eats laughs, gets angry like us. Why dont he do those things differently from us? The fact that his a priest has it stopped him from being human. The laws are there if he dont follow its down to him. Its a personal thing. In all churches such things happen. Even in the time of Our lord Jesus not all his disciples did the right thing. Judas is the easiest example. Everything is down to the individual. The same can be said to those who dont go to church or believe in God. Not all are evil. There are some who are kind hearted loving and have never gone against the commandments except the first. What we all fail to understand is there is no where, no quote or no group in the catholic church where you hear:
    "abortion is good, adultery is the key to go to Heaven". Day in day out the catholic church preaches against the sins of the flesh. So where are these your thoughts cropping up from. Please rethink them.

  4. some shameless one too here want blame Catholic church weh na number one person for claim perfect on fb yet na number one mami water, no make i talk about u here...rubbish, go pray for deliverance before i chase u here

  5. Anybody blaiming the church for this man's deed is outright ignorant. First of all what is a church? We are the church. If one person commits a crime the entire church doesnt have to be blamed for it. Not that i support what he did but when individuals make mistakes we shldnt blame others for them. To each his own cross to carry.

  6. I think people are angry with the catholic church because it covers up the deeds of its priests or nuns!! Good should not vover evil!