Friday, 9 September 2016

Cameroonian artists pay to perform at events - Eddy Bee

Cameroonian R&B/Afrobeat singer, Eddy Bee is a man of very few words and so when he speaks we literally stop everything and listen. The USA-based I Do singer took to Facebook earlier today to call out Cameroonian promoters who ask artists to pay to perform at events. He wrote:
"Ok family...I have a little ranting to do. There is something that has been grinding my gears for a while now, but which I have silently watched from the sideline. The Camair entertainment industry is undeniably on the rise with a lot of talent and potential. However, I have an issue with promoters who do not seem to be willing to extend a hand and adequate support to our artists. I'm talking about either trying to charge an artist for a performance, undermine an artist, place higher value on artists from other countries than camair artists, or any variation or combination of these issues. Let's open our eyes and realize that if we do not support our own, nobody will! Promoters/bloggers are our entertainment industry channel to the world. Without you all the world cannot hear our story. We can and should do better if we want to have a respectable entertainment culture in Camair! Na all my own that for now! #237 all day!"

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