Monday, 19 September 2016

Billionaire heiress,Tamara Ecclestone slammed for donating £2,000 towards pal's £55,000 cancer treatment

F1 billionaire heiress Tamara Ecclestone has been slammed on social media after she donated £2,000 (about FCFA 1.5 million) towards her pal's cancer battle.

The mum-of-one shared a post on Instagram telling followers about former school friend Rosalie Marshall's plight to raise £55,000 for life-saving treatment.Tamara wrote:

"This is my friend Rosalie who I went to school with she is the sweetest most lovely person she is a mum to two amazing little girls."I have recently found out she is battling an aggressive form of breast cancer she is a fighter and refusing to give up. Please donate whatever you can the link is in my bio to help her receive a treatment only available in Germany she is not too far from her target and anything you donate would be so appreciated. Xxx"

However, she was slammed by some followers who suggested she pay the balance herself.

One wrote: "Why don't you just give her the money ?! You have it ..."
Another said: "She's your friend? You are a billionaire?? surely 20k wouldn't go a miss??"

Another added: "Literally sell like two of your bags and that would cover it. Jesus."

Tamara's husband Jay Rutland also slammed those coming for his wife, writing on Instagram:

 "My wife, even with her wealth, cannot help them all.Since you appear to all have brains the size of a pea, let me just ask you a simple question. If you have ever put a pound into a charity box, then why didn’t you put in more? You can all afford more. So why only a pound? And did anyone then abuse you for only putting in a pound?
"Ultimately we should all be able to donate what we feel comfortable about donating without fear of being berated for it."
"And as @rosalise.marshall has posted on here herself, she hasn't spoken to my wife in 10 years and is very grateful for any help she can get."Jealousy really is a terrible disease and yes that is what it comes down to .You don't know what my wife does for many different charities. I do. Just because she chooses not to publicise it does that make it right for people to criticise her for 'only' donating £2,000 to one particular cause.
"Sorry but that is a joke. Yes, she appealed to her followers to help raise money for an old friend that she hadn't spoken to in 10 years, whilst also donating herself.
"Is that actually a bad thing? If you really think so then to be honest we have nothing more to say."

Rosalie also wrote: "I am so grateful for what she has done. Please stop these comments." 

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