Friday, 2 September 2016

10 Things You Can Relate With If You Were Raised By Cameroonian Parents

There is no one specific way that parents raise their kids. No matter the race or ethnicity, every parent has their own style of how they choose to raise their kids. With that being said, there are morals that people grew up on, and some are based off of geographical location. They then pass those morals they grew up on down to their kids. If you are a first-generation kid with parents who were born in Cameroon or West Africa, then you might be able to relate to a few of these things.

1. When You're Sent On Unnecessary Errands
Cameroonian mums are known for sending their children on annoying errands. Imagine being called by your mum from a distance only for her to ask you to get her something within her reach.

2. When There's A Reason For You Failing At Something
Cameroonian parents love to jump into conclusion. Trying to explain a situation to them is almost impossible. Cameroonian parents would be like..
"Why wouldn't you hit your head, when you wouldn't face where you're going..."

3. Are You Ok?
Cameroonian parents are not checking your mental health here, when they say this, they're trying to call your attention to your stupidity.

4. When You're Being Eyed In Public/Event
Please don't be carried away when you go out with your Cameroonian mum. She expects you to check her face for signs. Don't eat when she blinks her eyes funnily, you do so and you're dead.

5. When You're Expected To Cry Without Making Noise

When your parents beat you and threaten you about crying.. You hear words like!
"If I hear pim..."

6. When Your Actions Are Being Justified
Parents justify their children's' actions and form a new reason to lash out at them.
"Why won't You talk back at me when you have started developing Breast?"

7. When Parents Don't Want To Accept Defeat
Sometimes parents feel they have gone overboard with certain issues but still try to cover up their mistakes.They find a way of covering their own fault and make their children victim again.
"You're as tall as I am now, why wouldn't you talk to me like that".

8. When They Want To Be Dramatic
Parents know they could move their children to emotion by crying and acting sad. They say things like.
"After everything I've done for you, I carried you in my womb for nine months". Trust me, you would end up in tears yourself.

9. When Your Mum Cheats You By Collecting Money From You
Mother have interesting attributes. They assume the role of a bank when someone gives you money. When you try to take your money back, you would be told...
"All the food you been eating in this house was given to me in the market freely?".

10. When Your Parents Want To End Up Chastising Session
We all know parents don't get tired of correcting their children either by beating or lashing them with words.However, they have a unique way of concluding their speeches.
"We would keep telling you the truth, the rest is totally up to you. If you continue, you're doing yourself.

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  1. Lmaoooooooooooo this is so mom has done almost everything on that list..