Saturday, 6 August 2016

Woman hacked by husband for refusing to share her salary, another over custody of their child (photo/video)

Two Kenyan women are nursing serious injuries at a Nyahururu hospital following vicious attacks by their partners.

The first woman, 32-year-old Zipporah Wanjugu, told the Nation on Thursday that her husband attacked her with a machete on Wednesday evening at their home in Wiyumiririe Village in Laikipia County.

Ms Wanjugu suffered serious injuries on her hands and head. Police have since arrested the assailant.

Speaking from her hospital bed on Thursday, Ms Wanjugu said she had gone to pick up her three-month-old baby from her estranged husband’s home when the incident happened.

Ms Wanjugu said she had separated from her husband following domestic differences.

“We separated two months ago only for him to storm into my rented house and take away the baby without uttering a word,” she claimed. “I finished my work and went to pick up the baby so that I could breastfeed him but he started insulting me before attacking me with a panga,” she said.

She said she woke up to find herself on a hospital bed following the attack.

A police officer at the Ndaragwa Police Station who arrested the man said the attacker had poison in his pocket during the time of the arrest.

“After the incident was reported to us, we rushed to the scene and arrested the man. He had tried to commit suicide because he had poison in his pocket,” observed the police officer.

The second woman, 23-year-old Vivia Moraa, said her husband attacked her after she refused to share her wages with him.

Ms Moraa, a labourer at Suera Flowers Company, claims her husband picked up a machete and told her that he would chop off her arms "just like the other lady who was on TV."

She suffered serious head injuries in the brutal attack.

“After receiving my pay, I went home with household goods I bought from Nyahururu town and that angered my husband. He said that it was wrong for me to buy these goods and yet he did not have money,” she said.

Her husband has since gone on the run.

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