Friday, 19 August 2016

White girls falsely accusing black men of rape

To my brothers from Africa in the west, I want to seize this opportunity to share with you how a snap second emotional decision can change your live forever…
College in the western world is always gonna be fun. I am an alumnus of UB in Cameroon and I travelled to the west for my post-graduate studies. I have an athletic build and I play soccer and basketball. I was one of only 2 Black guys on the team, the other a guy of Somali descent. After soccer games, we go to the canteen to have a few drinks, that is where I met Mindy, 23 another player’s girlfriend. Mindy does not have the stamina for booz and after 3 drinks, she let loose – came and sat on my lap and said ‘I hear when you go black you never go back’. I was stunned and just smiled. Her boyfriend came and took her away. The other players started cracking funny jokes on how Black dudes are always ‘packing’, well endowed. I usually showered with my pants on but it is safe to say much of what lies beneath was evident. On a college campus, such talk quickly sips from the guys on the team to their girlfriends and then to sororities and very soon everyone is in the know.

I started getting some wryly smiles from the ladies on elevators, in the canteen and hall ways. At first, I did not understand and will turn and look behind me if that smile was directed at someone else. One day during lunch, Sarah (blonde, 24) comes and sits directly in front of me, smiling so broadly I could see all her teeth. Then 2 friends join us and I am still asking myself “what the fuck is going on?” Sarah tells me she is celebrating her birthday and wants to invite me. I had met Sarah 3 times before then, once during a course and she sat next to me and we had some small talk over something I cannot remember anymore. Second time was on a the campus transit train and she commented about the course we had the week earlier and last time was about 2 days earlier when we met in the library. Now she wants to invite me for her birthday? Okay, something is not right here, I cannot put my finger on it but I am old enough to know Santa Claus is a fallacy.
Saturday evening, I reluctantly go the party and in the hall of a student housing unit. When I arrive, I am greeted with a little over the top fanfare as if I was some famous DJ. True, I played soccer and scored some goals I still brag about today, but… Blondes and brunettes just hugging me was not within the realm of things. I had a couple of dance rounds with ladies basically giving me the green light to touch as much as I wanted. I am naturally not a shy person, but for a moment, I felt it was a setup of some sort. I excused myself outside to catch my breath and get some air. Tony met me on the balcony and as we were chatting, he said I was the new star. I quizzed him and understood that the story of my manhood was top story within girl circles. Wow, I now understood what had been going on the past week on campus. To quote Tony “man, you can tap any ass you want on this campus. Just stay off my girlfriend, else you open her up”. I laughed so hard and looked at Tony but he was not laughing as hard and that is when it hit me that he was serious.
I have watched my own share of movies and porn and seen ladies crave for some huge dicks. To me, that was all fiction. However, on this cool spring evening, it seemed life in itself was a movie and I was waiting to snap out this dream back into my reality. Then everyone was called in to do a toast to the birthday girl. I stood far behind and watched. When another round of punch was shared, I decided to opt out given I was on my 4th beer. I am not a heavy drinker so I was getting tipsy but still fully in control. Amanda, 24, Sarah’s roommate was not in control at all. She came up to me, very close on the balcony and was just laughing and not being able to construct a full sentence. She swung as is she would fall, I helped regain her step and she kissed me on the neck. Not a kiss but actual licking (like a dog). I pulled her back a little and looked at her and she pulled in a little closer and grabbed my crouch. Bamm! That was it. Given the ‘man’ downstairs is autonomous and acts beyond my control, he responded to the grabbing. Amanda was ‘biting’ my ear and saying “please I want you to fuck me, please”. I gathered my thoughts a little and looked behind believing it was still a setup. I realized we were alone and….gave in. We were kissing on the balcony with hands in each other’s pants for a while then we went inside and up the stairs. In her room, the mattress was on the floor. She was seriously wet and trying to pull me in really fast. Caution: I asked for a condom otherwise nothing happens. She quickly got up and took one from her wardrobe and gave me. I put in on quickly and glided into ‘pink heaven’.
I came downstairs before Amanda. Like fate will have it, I ran straight into Sarah. She asked where I had been then she saw Amanda come down the stairs and her face changed. She tried to pretend but it was obvious. I leaned in and asked her to come with me outside. As we walked out, I could hear Amanda giving hi-fives in the background. Outside, I asked Sarah why she was visibly upset. She replied, “I invite you to my party and you fuck my friend. How do you think that makes me feel?” I shot back “No, she fucked me, and she seems to be good at it”. To my greatest shock, Amanda said “not better than me”. Lost is awe, for a moment I felt like Akim in ‘Coming to America’. Then I remember my chat earlier with Tony and things start falling into place. I look intently at Amanda pull her closer and say “tomorrow evening we shall see”. She smiles broadly and says “game on”.
I get home that night (early morning) and sit in bed trying to digest what just happened. Images of Pam Anderson in Baywatch and love scenes in the series Beverly Hills come to mind and I smile to myself and muster “I really dey whiteman country”. I imagine how UB girls used to give me a hard time and drain my finances and I shake my head and to an extent, I am convinced that it must have been witchcraft. Next day, as I finish watching a game on TV, I get an sms from Sarah that she is at the door. I let her in and at first, I can tell she is a bit shy. We talk a bit about the game I was watching, then about her party last night and then… the ‘game’ we planned. I ask her what it is that she really wants. Doesn’t she have a boyfriend? etc. She tells me she has been heard a lot about me particularly from Mindy. She is currently single and wants to use this down time to try new things…jungle fever especially. She slowly puts her hand on my lap and we get in motion. I have never seen a lady so happy. She lay for a while to catch her breath and smiled at me broadly. She started talking about an Anthropology course she had taken and how it is said the Black man has a far more evolved body… I tell her to shut up. I turn her around and give her another dose. Two hours later, I give a third dose. As she got up to leave, I say “hope you have achieved what you set out to experience. I truly hope I did not disappoint you or let me type down. I also hope you can understand that this will not happen again. I do not want to be mean, but you should know you wanted an experiment and the experiment is done”. I notice her eyes about to sag and then I quickly add “do not get me wrong, I am not mad. I just have some principles, that’s all”. Then I smile at her. She smiles back and says “fair enough”. She left and I never saw her underwear again.
Following weekend, during post-match drinks, Sacha (brunette 24) and Iris (Blonde, 17 [ID later revealed]) come to our table and are sitting next to me. The girls are laughing a little bit too much and I sense they are up to something. I get up to leave and 5 minutes later, they follow me out. As they close up, I turn around as if to ask if they are following me, but I just smile and act along. They complement me abundantly even though I had a very poor game. When we get to my place, I offer Sacha a beer. Iris asks for a beer too and I ask for her ID. She is shocked. Sacha says “come on man, chill out and serve the lady a beer. Be a gentleman. We both have jungle fever, you know what I mean? hahaha”. With a straight face I insist to see her ID. It turns out she is 17. I then offer her a soda. They both complain that I am a mood spoiler and a joy killer. I ask both to seat and I narrate a scenario to both:
“Imagine I chill out as you say and server you beers. You have been drinking at the canteen. We get busy to cure your ‘jungle fever’ and something goes wrong, just say a nosy neighbor calls the cops about a disturbance. If the cops get here and see a muscular Blackman with an intoxicated 17 year old blonde, do you know what that means for me? Well, let me tell you. The newspaper caption the following day will tell a story you cannot begin to imagine but it is one I am very familiar with, given my pigmentation. To the world, I will be downright guilty even before I see a courthouse.  Witnesses will spring out of everywhere with tales of how I had looked at them inappropriately and they felt assaulted visually. My neighbors will say they always knew there was something odd about that guy etc” The booz seemed to clear and they were looking at me like some lost puppies. I continued: “I understand the concept of jungle fever and why you gals are doing what you are doing. You are adventurous and you want to explore. I want to believe your intentions are good, however, I cannot downplay the chance that when we are done and the alcohol wears off, you may suddenly feel ashamed and in a desperate attempt to preserve self-esteem, you will either personally or be coerced by family and friends to claim “rape”. It has happened many times before. And you Iris, a 17 year old intoxicated teen is legally incapable of giving consent. So ladies, I gladly accept to be a mood spoiler that stays out of jail. I am very confident you can understand my perspective. To you, it may just be a spring afternoon you wanted to have marathon sex with a Black guy. To me, it may well end up being my last day of freedom”.
Sacha could not finish her beer. Iris was dumbfounded. I walked them out into the setting sun and they looked like they were coming from a forced 3 hour lesson at a Jehovah ’s Witness boot camp. I later learned that the 2 ladies had made a bet with their friends that they were going to ride the ‘mandingo’. I was sitting at lunch with Sarah and she said rumor holds it that I went to law school and I could be a preacher. I just shrugged it off. Sarah asked me if we could start on another footing as if we just met. She would like to know me better. I smiled and told her we will see. Deep inside, my mind was made that I’ll never date Sarah. As I walked out of the canteen across the lawn, I see this chocolate-brown Black lady. I approached her; “good day, my name in Luke”, she responds “good for you”. For a moment, I miss Sarah.


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