Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Usain Bolt's former secret lover speaks on his demand for threesomes and high sex drive

Usain Bolt's secret ex-girlfriend has spoken out following his recent wild partying ways. Nailah Dillard met Bolt at an athletics gala in late 2013 and casually dated across several years. Se ended her relationship with the fastest man in the world when she realised he already had a partner in Jamaica, The Sun reports. 

Nailah, 27, was unaware he was dating carnival queen Kasi Bennett until she read an interview in which he called her his “First Lady”.

Yesterday she told The Sun of her shock at Bolt’s “wild and crazy” antics that have seen him two-time Kasi with her.

American Nailah, 27, said:

“I guess he thinks that’s what he deserves right now because he’s the fastest man in the world.”In a message to Bolt,
 She said:
“You are sleeping with all these random women. I hope you’re protecting yourself.”

Nailah, whose grandad Harrison won Olympic sprint golds in 1948 and 1952,caught his eye at the IAAF World Athletics Gala in 2013 but was dismayed to find he was there with another woman.

She said:

“We made eye contact and there was an instant attraction.He got me up against the wall, trying to woo me. I can’t say I was impressed.He may be a world class athlete, but at the end of the day he’s a normal man.I thought, ‘Oh my God, this is kind of cool’, but I asked him: ‘Where is your girlfriend?’.”
They swapped numbers and Bolt began sending texts to Nailah that night as she got back to her hotel, suggesting that she come and join him and his date.

He asked for a threesome, but she turned him down flat. 

She added:
“I thought it was an odd and cheeky thing to ask.”

Undeterred, Bolt told Nailah he wanted to see her again when they met in the hotel reception the following day.
And two weeks later she went to visit the sprinter at his mansion in Jamaica — and he took her on a night out to a strip club.

She said: 
“It was underground and kind of seedy. The women were dressed in lingerie.“Usain was throwing money at girls, and several of them danced for him, but didn’t kiss him.”“He’s super funny, got a great personality, always playing around dancing.
“He’s a nice guy, always checking on you, making sure you are good.” 
But she insists they didn't have sex until the final days of her stay when she moved from the hotel she had been staying in to his home.

She said: 
“We liked each other. We were attracted to each other. He has a high sex drive. I was the first American girl that he ever dated.”
Usain and Kasi B his FĂ­rst Lady'
Nailah went back to see Bolt in 2014 and the pair enjoyed intimate dinners cooked by his personal chef. But she soon realised she was not the only girl in Bolt’s life.
She believes she was with the athlete when he began dating Kasi.

She said:

“I don’t know if she knew about me, but he was following me on Instagram so it wouldn’t be hard to check.
“He’s not monogamous, and that’s a big reason why he and I ended.“He’s the type of person who wants his woman to be faithful, but he wants to be open with other women."

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  1. If he is good in bed as on the tracks, then he needs at least 10 very active women per session. 1 will sure die. LOL