Sunday, 14 August 2016

Two Suspects Behind In Nkolbisson Deaths Presented to Press

Two suspects accused of masterminding the recent killings of two women in Nkolbisson neighborhood in Yaoundé have been presented to the Press. NDEDE Felix and MEBARA Godfroy were arrested by Gendarmes of the Mfoundi Territorial Brigade.

According to the company commander, Lt Col. ESSOMBA Joel, one of the men, MEBARA Godfroy allegedly killed the girl whom he had sexual intercourse. He explains that both had an argument after making love, he then killed her and dumped her corpse in a nearby lake.

The two reportedly raped and killed the mother of the girl and abandoned her body in a Cassava farm.

Gendarmes have however dismissed rumors of ritual killings.

Eight corpses, all women have been discovered recently in less than a month, with some bodies mutilated.

Administrative authorities are yet to react.


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